Friday, May 22, 2015

Tour of Homes: whited sepulchres edition

So, shades of Jim Bakker, it turns out that not all the sanctimonious naysayers are on the up and up.

It turns out that the Duggar parents were not protecting their young daughters from a deviant predator (who was their brother), and when their pastor found out about it: nothing.

RtO has a question: How did the church punish the girls for their lasciviousness, since by the actions it is clear the parents and pastor did not think the boy had sinned?

 Then there was the family of phoney cancer charities run by a Mormon, who raked off $180,000,000. Did the Reynoldses tithe to their church?

RtO has a question: If they did, did the church keep on accepting its $18,000,000 when questions were first raised about the legitimacy of the "charities" years ago, and is it going to disgorge? But if the Reynoldses were not tithing, was the church disciplining them?

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