Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fish where the fish are

I often see, in comments on crime stories, statements like: "You never see anyone rob a gunshop."

Like every other gun nut mantra, it's easily shown to be nonsense.

As part of my other blog (Kamaainaloan.com), I scan the Internet once a week or so for "pawn shop news."  Most weeks, there's a story about a robbery at a pawn shop. (Pawn shops are not especially robbery-prone; there are something like 13,000 of them, and they don't get knocked over more often than, say, ice cream parlors.)

Most pawnshops -- over 90%, probably -- are gun dealers. But that doesn't keep bad guys from robbing them. In fact, it seems to be an attractant for robbers. It unquestionably is for burglars.

This week's survey turned up two examples of armed robbers robbing gun shops. and getting away with it, at least for a time. In one robbery, it appears the goal was to get a gun.

If you keep a gun around, and somebody gets shot, it's likely to be you.

UPDATE, Monday, Sept. 14

In case anyone thinks the original examples were unusual, we have this example from Houston of serial robberies of gunshops. I am familiar with the area and its pawnshops. It is where I get my pastrami fix when I'm in Houston, at Kenny & Ziggy's deli.

The Bentley getaway car and the AK-47 were nice touches.

If you are curious about the mental life of gun nuts, I suggest reading the comments. Have Maalox handy. It's revolting.

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