Sunday, September 20, 2015

Muslim v. Adventist cage match

I have been waiting in vain for the commentariat to say the obvious about Ben Carson's candidacy. But nobody has, so RtO will have to do it from scratch. (I hate when that happens.)

As an example in point-missing, take today's Washington Post analysis of the polls. Reporter Janell Ross is surprised to find that Carson's support among evangelicals, while high, is not his basic strength, or even as high as Trump's share.

Well, duh. Carson is a Seventh-day Adventist. Obviously, most evangelicals -- low information voters if ever there were any -- don't know that yet, although I interpret the low number as a sign they are beginning to find out.

Evangelicals hate Adventists even more than they hate Mormons or Catholics. And since evangelicals count for the most in Republican primaries, Carson is finished.

As RtO pointed out a few days ago ("Changing  faces of the candidates," Aug. 27), there's never been a Catholic winner since Kennedy, and he won by stuffing ballot boxes. It's possible the nation will someday elect a Catholic president, although I doubt that day is close, but an Adventist? Never gonna happen.

Even if Carson throws the holy rollers some red meat about Muslims.

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