Saturday, March 5, 2016

Stupidest quote

Man, the contest for stupidest rightwing quote from this campaign is intense, but it's going to be hard to out-stupid this one:
“The states that voted tonight are states that quite frankly some of my opponents just do better in; we recognized that going in,” Mr. Rubio told reporters

There is also non-partisan stupid. This is an actual quotation from  James Hohmann's daily news roundup in The Washington Post:

 --Psychologists and massage therapists have reported a spike in “Trump anxiety” – literally, anxiety that is caused by the political rise of Trump.
I guess he rubs some people the wrong way.

A very liberal friend from high school detests Trump so much she won't mention his name on social media for fear of enhancing his trend status. On the other hand, a very conservative niece is organizing an anybody-but-Trup turnout in the Utah caucuses.

But I cannot imagine either one saying to herself: Trump, he scares the bejeezus out of me. I need a massage.

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