Saturday, March 26, 2016

Two cheers for democracy

I borrowed my headline from E.M. Forster although I don't have anything as weighty to say about it as he did.

I am not a joiner so I don't belong to a political party. (Once, in Iowa,  I registered as a Republican because  a particularly repellent guy was running for a county office, and I wanted to see a normal person on the general election ballot. It didn't work, an early indication of the slide into bigotry and hatefulness and stupidity that is today's Iowa Republican Party.)

However, I ended up at Maui Waena school today because a friend whose car broke own asked for a lift. I discovered that the Hawaii caucuses are nothing of the sort, at least not for the presidential contest.

They are a preference poll.

It may be the down ticket races are handled caucus style. I didn't stay to find out. My friend dropped a vote for Sanders and we left.

The results are not out as I write this, except that on Facebook the Sanders people are being their usual detestable selves. I don't get it. Sanders is a mild-mannered, courteous campaigner.

His supporters -- at least the ones I know about on Maui -- are vitriolic slanderers, accusatory and conspiracy-minded. They'd fit in better at a Trump rally.

Speaking of Trump, we learned yesterday that Cruz does not want to have sex with him.

Good to know, although I hadn't been thinking he might.

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