Sunday, December 10, 2017

Ain't that the truth?

E.J. Dionne in the Post, demonstrating more knowledge of American history than the entire Republican Party put together:

When Republicans are FBI haters who are sidetracking probes into Russian subversion, the world truly is turned upside down.


  1. From the link:

    Trump’s allies want us to say: Too bad the president lied or broke the law, or that Russia tried to tilt our election. This FBI guy sending anti-Trump texts is far more important, so let’s just forget the whole thing.


    Really, that's Skipper in a nutshell.

    All FBI leadership of the last 15 years is corrupt, and deserves to be fired if they do not stop investigating anyone Trump doesn't want to.

  2. I have never been a fan of our secret police. The history of its evolution is appalling. But it's the tool we have to work with. So far as I can tell, the agents working on recent cases have been less politicized than any in FBI history.

    The defenders of Trump and Trump himself act like they have something to hide. What is it? My guess is money laundering.

  3. [Clovis:] Really, that's Skipper in a nutshell.

    Oh, for Pete's sake.

    Read this. NB: Glenn Greenwald is no rightwinger.

    Or this, from National Review, which had an issue last year with 22 editorials against Trump.

    It is endlessly astonishing that a bumbling incompetent like Trump could engineer a election scheme with the Russians so fiendishly clever no one can figure out what it even is.

    From the link:

    But we learned last week that Republicans are deepening their complicity in derailing Mueller’s investigation and burying the facts.

    Name one, E.J.

    Lord knows there weren't any in that florid waste of pixels.

  4. Oh, and while you are at it, Clovis, google Bruce Ohr and Fusion GPS.