Thursday, December 7, 2017

Where is Israel's foreign ministry?

According to Wikipedia, it is in Givrat Ram, a district of Jerusalem.
The Israeli version of Foggy Bottom

I was surprised to learn this, I would have guessed it was in Tel Aviv. Even more surprised not to have learned it through any of the many reports about WBD's decision to move our embassy.

It seems like a relevant fact.


  1. Sorry, Harry, but you gonna need to help me on this one. Why is that relevant at all?

  2. Because ordinarily the embassies are near the foreign ministry. I realize Tel Aviv is not that far away. But still.

  3. Clovis, it isn't surprising.

    Ordinarily, embassies are near the foreign ministry. But Jerusalem is no ordinary capital, so while the Israeli gov't does what national gov'ts always do -- put the foreign ministry in their capital -- most other countries failed to do in Israel what they do with their embassies elsewhere.

  4. Clovis, I do not think Trump's move was well-thought-out, or likely to contribute to whatever outcome the US desires -- if our government even has a desired outcome.

    I thought the indifference to the facts in the reports was strange.

    It appears, according to some commentary in a show called 'Left Right and Center,' that the likely outcome will be stage-setting for a one-state solution, and the state will be majority Arab Muslim, so that Israel will have to choose between being a Jewish homeland or a democracy. Another brilliant rightwing maneuver.

    Unsurprisingly, the Arab governments and Turkey are using the occasion to beat up on America but not to aid the Palestinians. Nobody can stand the Palestinians.