Sunday, October 27, 2013

A mass murder without a gun

RtO is referencing this story just for the gun nuts. Otherwise, it has no significance, just a mental breakdown tragedy, with 5 people knifed to death.

But can you remember the last time 5 people were slain using something other than a bomb or a gun? Yes, you can. Arson also allows killers to easily snuff out several lives at a time.

But admit it. If I say 5 people are slain in New York City, your first thought is guns.

But this is the usual, isn't it? Not really a mental breakdown tragedy, just a nut with a gun. Another 5 dead.

(Reuters) - A man who killed four members of a neighboring family and their two dogs with a shotgun before taking his own life over the weekend in Arizona may have been sent into a rage by the dogs' barking, police said on Sunday.
But police said what drove 56-year-old Michael Guzzo of Phoenix to carry out the shooting frenzy may never be known for certain, as both he and his victims, who ranged in age from 17 to 66 and lived next door, were dead before officers arrived.
"It appears he had some issues with barking dogs," said Phoenix police spokesman Sergeant Tommy Thompson. "If true, it does not justify killing four people."

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