Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why workers need unions and regulations

Because bosses can be jerks. In this story from Maine, it does not appear that the worker had a union,  but she was able to find a lawyer (no doubt on contingency) who helped her.

And national (not local) regulations provided the tools for redress.

I used encounter religious nuts like Officer Pease all the time in the South, sometimes at work.

“[Pease] told Plaintiff Carnot that he believed that single women should not date, but should court” because “dating involved ‘sexual intercourse,’ ” states the U.S. District Court complaint filed by Carnot in Bangor after she was fired in January 2011.
The Maine native also claimed in the lawsuit that Pease said that a woman should not be involved in any capacity in law enforcement and had a duty to obey her husband in accordance with the Bible. He also repeatedly invited Carnot to attend his Protestant church, even though he knew she was a Catholic, and said “she was not going to go to heaven because she had been divorced,” the complaint states.
The lawyer is right on:

 “The lesson I think needs to be learned from this settlement is you need to check your religious and personal beliefs at the door,” Young said Tuesday. “You do not have the right to impose those beliefs on your colleagues and co-workers.”

And then there's this.

Do you remember how the big retailers were shocked into action when a factory in Bangladesh collapsed and killed over 1,100 poor workers? Well, they hope you don't because they were lying. Nothing has changed.

RtO has said before, if the market thinks you are worth more dead than alive, it will arrange for you to be killed.

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