Sunday, October 20, 2013

Going hog wild

The baby luau (see "Pigging Out," Oct. 13) last night was fine, but the kalua pig was a surprise. The meat came from wild hogs.

Reheating the wild pigmeat
It was delicious but far less greasy than domestic pork. Enough fat for flavor.

Baking a hog in an imu is the purest form of pork. Except for salt, it's all pig. It's even simpler than North Carolina pit-cooked barbecue (the highest form to which hogdom can aspire), which gets flavor from salt, pepper, vinegar and hickory smoke.

For RtO, which exists to celebrate delectable pork, it was a memorable night.

All the protein was wild except the chicken. The fried fish, smoked venison ("smoked Bambi" according to the rundown I got from Keoki), barbecued tako, squid luau, 'opae (freshwater shrimp, a rarity) and opihi.

The fish came out crispy as potato chips
A good time was had by all but especially me.

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  1. What a good life you guys have up there in Hawaii...