Monday, October 21, 2013

ID and the vote suppressors

Dukes up for stupidity

Here is a roundup, should anyone at this late date still need one, about how the racists and sexists in the Republican Party are trying to defend Americans' sacred right to vote by making it really hard for some Americans to vote.

Not everybody has a birth certificate. I was surprised to learn, a few months ago, that one of them is my mom, the faithful watcher of Bill O'Reilly.

She's 89, and while the anti-Republican vote suppression meme (plenty of further links at first link) is that the phony voter ID laws being pushed in the cow states are aimed at poor blacks or Mexicans, my mom is neither black nor Mexican nor poor.

She was born at home, though, in a Southern state that hadn't bothered to collect vital statistics in 1924.

The Dixiecrats might actually want her to vote, since she's in the swing state of Florida, where every vote means something. Or ought to.

Her congresscritter is the ridiculous Ted Yahoo, er, I mean Yoho, and it would amuse me no end if he were to lose his seat next year because my mom wasn't allowed to vote by the Republicans.

 (RtO found that link by searching for yoho + idiot. Sometimes the Internet emits a cosmic horselaugh or possibly in Dr. Yoho's case, a cowlaugh.)

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