Friday, January 12, 2018

Going two directions at once

I find it interesting, but not at all surprising, to watch Trumpeters, especially the overtly religious kind, simultaneously embrace incompatible positions.

Interesting because it destroys all their credibility but unsurprising because I grew up among holy rollers, and this is their constant mode of -- if you can call it that -- thought.

Perhaps some insight can be derived from watching the exact same phenomenon in a far different culture, with different actors, different issues and exactly the same mindset among believers.

I am thinking of Russia and its holy rollers, the Orthodox church. On successive days, the New York Times has published articles about how the Russian Christians excoriate the Bolsheviks and deprecate reports of their crimes.

It is a sign of power madness, which is all evangelical religion is about when you get down to it. Practically everybody has religion, so there is no earthly reason to go out and recruit newbies to your cult, is there?

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