Sunday, January 14, 2018

What to do in a real missile attack


  1. What were you doing when you got the warning?

  2. I was asleep in Maryland, woke up,checked my phone and saw a CNN notice. Went back to sleep.

    I talked with a friend who told me her whole life passed before her mind for a minute or two, the she called 911 and was told it was not real.

    She has since thought it over and concluded that her life is pretty good, compared to other people.

    Unlike,it seems, almost everybody else, I thought over the possibilities when it was first mooted that NK might be able to deliver an atomic bomb (I am skeptical it can squeeze an Hbomb on a missile), and I concluded there is nothing a person can do, so if you are doing what you want to be doing -- as you always should -- then keep doing that for the last 20 minutes.

    The official advice is to go inside, apparently on the theories that that will perhaps reduce your exposure to fallout; and, if you can get to a solidly built structure (school etc.) it might resist blast at the edges of the shock intensity.

    Maui is over 100 miles from Oahu -- the presumable top target -- so might almost as well be in California.

    It happens I have family in all the prime target areas, so my preferred course of action is to avoid war altogether.

    AS I have often said, our military is both incompetent and corrupt, and now the civilian leadership is nuts, so conditions are unfavorable. I think about my father when he went into the navy in 1940,thinking he would that way oppose hitlerism. He ended up fighting he Japanese instead. But no plans he made were really his; he was subject to big forces.

    Someday,the southwest flank of Kilauea volcano will fall catastrophically, and most of the people in Hawaii will die from in a mammoth tsunami. I think about these things but don't dwell on them.

  3. Well, thanks, those are certainly views I wouldn't read anywhere else.