Thursday, January 18, 2018

The missing tweet

Several polls purport to find that even WBD's supporters wish he would tweet less. Yet there was one tweet we were more or less promised that has not been sent.

That would be the one that calls out Gregory Hayes, CEO of United Technologies, for sending jobs offshore. We were told that Trump would use what Politico calls his "Twitter cannon" to discipline executives who killed off American jobs in order to improve their bottom line.

Hayes in particular should have been called out because he made WBD look like a chump by promising to keep Carrier jobs in Indianapolis but instead sending them to Mexico.

Hayes is crying all the way to the bank. UTX stock is up 12.5% since the election he helped WBD to win, and the market value of UTX is over $13 billion higher than it wa s then.

The $7 million deal worked out by WBD and Pence to fleece the taxpayers was change lost in the sofa cushions for Hayes, and a few hundred jobs -- who cares?

It does show how stupid Trump voters were and, it appears, still are.

I used to have a saying when I was a reporter, a saying that I used even more often after I became a pawnbroker: some people are hard to help.

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