Thursday, January 11, 2018

Self-defense, NRA style

If you set out to write a script that exposed every last NRA argument for guns for the pluperfect nonsense that they are, you could not top this real-life example.

Now, I don't know that the dead gun-owner kept a Chicago piano in his house for defense. Sure as shootin', though, his dead friend did not.

 Cummings and Lively have accused Richardson of shooting Brown twice in the chest and once in the right hand. Crawford grabbed a .38 caliber revolver that Brown kept on his nightstand and went where McKoy lay sleeping and shot him in the face, prosecutors said.

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And the Kalashnikov in the previous robbery, don't know about the tempoerary owner's thoughts there either. Maybe he kept it for interior decoration.

But I do know that if they were keeping firearms for self-protection, it not only didn't work, it made them targets for bad guys.

A note on the story. I have been to the scene of the crimes, Fuquay-Varina, many times. It is a bigger place now than it was when I was in Cow College nearby. The place sticks in my mind because my architectural history professor, Larry Wodehouse, made a point of comparing Fuquay-Varina n 1966 with Chartres, France, in the 13th century. The two places had similar populations.

Dissimilar cultures.

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