Thursday, January 18, 2018

Unguarded comments

Just when the Trumpeters were, somewhat languidly, pushing back against their fuehrer's latest racist imbroglio, out tumbles the audio record of one of WBD's appointees, in this case a spokesman for the agency that runs AmeriCorps.

Not the highest gift within the presidential patronage portfolio, but a frontman is necessarily a bit elevated in his public role. This one, Carl Higbie, was known for, well, his known-ness; he was one of several appointees (the Sam Clovis affair leaps to mind) whose only apparent accomplishment is having opinions and blurting them out.

I mean, when the reviewers reviewed Higbie's resume, what what on it? He's never done anything.

Query: Trump minions do review appointees before recommending them? Don't they?

So, how did they overlook Higbie's baroque racism?

Two possibilities come to mind.

One, the reviewers are just as racist as Higbie so it did not occur to them that anyone would find anything to object to.

This is the kind of "tell," in the current Beltway lingo, that allowed RtO to refer to the Tea Party as 100% racist. Numerous TP leaders sent out email blasts including the vilest kind of racist jokes. Now, that doesn't make the recipients racists, but it does prove that the leaders assumed that all their members are racists. You never send out an email blast unless you think everyone on the mailing list is on board.

And if they stay on board afterward, then you, the sender, were right. And that is how RtO can say without chance of contradiction that the TP was and is 100% racist. If it ever had any non racist adherents (which I doubt), they are gone.

Possibility two is that Higbie's record never was reviewed, that the same care was taken over his appointment as punters give to tips about a sure thing in the third at Pimlico.

I am unable to choose between these alternatives. There's  lots of evidence for pervasive racism in the Trump coterie.

But there's lots of evidence for the Trumpeters acting without checking, too.

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