Tuesday, February 21, 2017

More voting shnanigans

And, no surprise, the perp is another Trumpeter. There are more illegal voters in the Trump White House than among all the illegal immigrants in the country.

You cannot make this stuff up.


  1. We have already covered why you can't possibly say that.

    Either your ignorance is impenetrable, or you are proving once again zealots are incapable of reason.

  2. Stupid answer Harry. Statistics only apply to the measurable. Explain California's voter registration process, and then explain how it is possible to measure how many non-citizens voted in the last election.

    The first part is very easy. I predict you will not do it.

  3. I already referred you to the study. Your question is answered there

  4. And I already referred you to a WP article that said the study was completely worthless for determining how many non-citizens voted.

    Which makes your answer doubly stupid.

    Since you won't address California's voter registration system, perhaps due to a journalist's allergy to facts that don't fit the narrative, I will:

    CA does motor-voter registration.

    CA issues drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants.

    If the applicant checks the box next to "I am a US citizen" the applicant is registered to vote.

    Amount of proof required before checking the box: none.

    Statistics apply only to the measurable, Harry. You have no earthly idea how many non-citizens voted in California. Only the purely innumerate, or a progressive (damn, repeating myself again), could conclude otherwise.

  5. I'm not going to try to teach you logic, but there is the issue of the demonstrable lying by the crowd that believes in vote fraud. Who has seen the buses rolling from Massachusetts into New Hampshire?

    Completely delusional or deliberate disinformation?

  6. Stop changing the subject, Harry.

    Given the voter registration rules in CA, it is completely delusional to say how many non-citizens voted there, except that it is some number between zero and all of them.

    Only the purely innumerate, or a progressive, could conclude otherwise.

    Unless, of course, you can explain precisely how you know that number to be zero.

    I'm not holding my breath.

  7. I'm not changing the subject. The subject is vote fraud, and besides the imaginary buses, there's abundant evidence that the claims about illegals voting are driven by a rightwing plot to prevent genuine citizens from voting if they are brown.

  8. Behold the power of the direct quote. From your post: There are more illegal voters in the Trump White House than among all the illegal immigrants in the country.

    You said that, despite not having the first idea how many non-citizens voted illegally in CA. And you still don't. No one does.

    To claim otherwise might at first be mere ignorance about California's voter registration process. At this point, though, it is starting to reek of something else entirely.

  9. The phony campaign about vote fraud reeks all right.

  10. So, Harry, I take it you have absolutely no idea how many non-citizens voted illegally in CA.

    Which means you have rubbished another one of your posts.

    Enquiring minds want to know: why is it you are so bent upon self-inflicted wounds?

  11. Please address phony vote fraud allegations. I take it from your silence that you admit they are phony

  12. Harry, how about you address the second sentence in your post? You know, the one where you make a direct accusation. You know, the post that doesn't even mention phony fraud allegations.

    That you keep avoiding the point like a vampire does crosses and sunlight is sure proof that you are full of merde, and know it.