Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Afternoon thé dansant of the Long Knives

RtO predicted a Night of the Long Knives, and soon, for the Trumpeters. And, lo! it occurs.

Only, typically for a Trump operation, it is tackier and sillier than the model, more of an Afternoon thé dansant of the Long Knives.

Don't thank me. RtO is in the business of stating the obvious, and nothing could be more obvious than this was. It goes with the concept of fuhrerprinzip: when all power resides in one man, the only way to get close to power is to knife whoever stands between you and the Dear Leader.

Thus, Priebus is also showing signs of a shiv in the ribs. And several others.

This situation also explains the ascendancy of the Kushners. A despot cannot trust anyone but family, although, as Trump will learn soon enough, not even them.

I am enjoying this immensely.

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