Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tactical blunder

I don't know who scheduled the time and place of the hoopla meeting for the development of the Maui High site at Hamakuapoko, but by making it at 4:30 at Paia Community Centee, he guaranteed that everyone coming from Kahului hit the Paia traffic jam.

From 2:30 on, the slowdown starts at Nonohe Place, or sometimes Kaunoa and I have even seen it start at Stable Road. Traveling west. I may be malihini but I am not damfool enough to drive east toward Paia in the afternoon.

That was a PR mistake but Mayor Arakawa's statement a couple days later was bizarre. He criticized the County Council for wanting to buy land at Peahi because it would cost $20 million to bring eletricity and water to a public park there.

First, parks don't need electricity or water. Oheo is one of the most popular parks in Hawaii and it has neither.

Second, and more important, if Hamakuapoko is developed, it will require an equal or grater amount to bring in water and electricity, but his administration is pushing that boondoogle.

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