Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Drunk and disorderly

The Financial Times, of all people, reports on bad behavior at a London charity fundraiser for men only.

I have a number of things to say about it, but all inside baseball, if my readers will indulge me.

First, this shocking behavior is no more than what the women at Maui's hostess bars experience all the time. (Aside: I have been told that Maui's Korean bars are slowly expiring for lack of business. My informant could not tell me if the customers have found something new or whether they are just dying of old age, without the younger men's being inclined to spend money drinking that way.)

Second, if anyone is going to lose his (or her) job over this, it ought to be the editors of Britain's famously salacious tabloids, who somehow missed this juicy story.

Third, the Financial Times surely needed some tabloid help in presentation. The racy bits were buried many paragraphs deep.

Fourth, I am astonished that the lineup of hostesses was all hostesses. Is there a like event for presidents who prefer good-looking boys? In England, I would think that would attract more donors.


  1. Your last comment was hilarious - because true.

  2. It would seem so from reading Matthew Parris's "Great Parliamentary Scandals."